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Online QA Training
Quality assurance training online

QA training Online
QA training & placement

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the systematic process to check whether the product developed from the company is perfect and meeting the requirements specified for the product. This product generally software, is tested by a quality analyst tester.
A software quality analyst is responsible for applying the principles and practices of software quality assurance throughout the software development life cycle. These principles are applied to test the product. Testing is used to detect errors in a product; software quality assurance also fixes the processes that resulted in those errors. To make sure that testing is well defined, planned and executed. The analyst does this by ensuring that every phase and feature of the software solution is tested and that any potential issue is identified and fixed before the product goes live.

Why to learn QA?


QA became a most popular enterprise for the companies that produce any software. Quality Assurance being in a top position providing holds a vast extent of aspirants in forthcoming years because of it will be a career changing course for the professionals who want to walk on an admirable path.

QA Training Online

QA Course Quick Highlights

  • Fundamentals -Software Testing
  • Manual Testing, Selenium & QTP
  • Manual Testing
  • Unit, Integration. System and Regression Testing
  • Non- Functional Testing
  • Testing Techniques
  • Test Management & Control
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Testing & Reporting Tools
  • JIRA & Bugzilla
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • White & Black Box Testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Test Methodology – Agile Testing, Scrum
  • Automation Testing
  • Selenium (For Automation Testing) – Basic & Advanced
  • Selenium IDE
  • Web Driver
  • Selenium Grid
  • QTP 11.00 (For Automation Testing)
  • Test Objects and Object Repositories
  • VB Script Language
  • Synchronization
  • Working with Actions
  • Working with WebTables AOM Scripts
  • Database Verification and Validation
  • MySQL Database
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

What is QA’s future scope?


It has become mandatory for software and related organizations to monitor their quality of services or products to offer high end quality products and services. QA is responsible for testing of all aspects related to products. Quality analyst is the best option to choose in current Online IT Training & Placement job market. Reports suggest that close to 1, 20,000 QA professionals are required in testing every year. There are tons of testing jobs out there in the market. It is the best job to make a start in the Information Technology field. From an employee perspective, becoming a quality assurance tester or Online SQL training is a highly paid and rewarded job and is platform independent.
We at JanBask, train you based on the current market trends as the need and demand for these professional jobs in all kinds of IT companies is increasing to alarming extent.

Unique features of Quality Assurance training at JanBask


  • Real time project work to gain practical hands on experience.
  • Rigorous training and guidance.
  • Focus on Hands on training with lots of assignments.
  • One-time pay and take advantage of unlimited lectures till the duration of course.

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