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August 8, 2016

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Become a web developer from scratch – Certainly the best web development course available

Web development is one of the most promising jobs in today’s technical world where every business and organization is becoming totally dependent on the Internet and requires to have a website in order to let their audience know of their existence and offerings. There are many programming languages available that helps the company to build a suitable and user friendly website through which their customers can browse their details and be aware of their services that would increase their sales. However, web development is certainly not an easy task to perform. It requires great skills of coding, understanding currently used programming languages like Java, Oracle, DotNet and PHP, and developing incredible logical skills, which can only be attained through a high standard and quality web development course.


Today, most of the students are following the line of a web developer, but hardly few of them fulfills this achievement, due to the complexity of learning web development. However, if you wish to become a web developer, you will require to join the online course name named ‘Become a web developer from scratch’ where you will be taught these programming languages from the fundamentals to the advanced concepts.


Becoming a web developer from scratch is an online video course containing over 230 lectures in a time span of over 40 hours, in which you will learn each and everything that needs to be known in order to become a professional web developer. The best thing about this course is you don’t need to take out your valuable time to visit any institute or center for learning as this course is easily available online. You can complete this highly desirable course from the comfort of your home or office, where you will start from JavaScript, XHTML and CSS and advance to the more popular and latest programming languages used these days such as XML, PHP, AJAX, MySQL Database, etc.


Benefits and features of this course


Surely, becoming a professional web developer is a dream of many CS students, but only few are able to live that dream due to the lack of right knowledge and flexibility. Becoming a web developer from scratch course can help those students who don’t acquire proper knowledge due to amateur teachers, lack of training and inability to clear their doubts. Here are mentioned few benefits this course offers to the candidates:


  • Provide 24/7 support to the student who are stuck in some part of the course or have any query that needs to be resolved quickly.
  • Regular updating of course with latest features in regularly changing web development industry.
  • Humongous Question and Answer community where you can ask your questions and answer other students’ queries.
  • Learn all the widely used appreciated programming languages without stepping out of your home.
  • Watch the tutorials given by well known and widely admired instructors as many times as you need to perfect it.


Finishing this course means learning every trivial detail about programming languages and get appointed by a reputed web development firm. Increase your abilities and skills by keep practicing what you have learnt and utilizing it in real life.

July 19, 2016

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10 most common Salesforce interview questions with their effective answers

salesforceSalesforce is one of the most widely appreciated and commendable customer relationship management system out there and anyone possessing immense knowledge about this remarkable platform have a great scope of working in a reputed firm. However, just acquiring knowledge isn’t enough if you wish to land yourself a desiring job. It requires you to clear Salesforce interview taken by professionals who themselves possess huge experience and knowledge about the system. Being an extremely important aspect of increasing sales, Salesforce interviews are quite hard to clear. But with the right information and above the line confidence, one can easily pass out a high scale Salesforce interview.


Below are provided some of the most commonly asked Salesforce interview questions with their answers to help you get through. Make sure to revise it before entering the interview hall.


Q1:  What is Salesforce?

A: Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


Q2: What is a Custom Objects:

A: Custom objects are database tables allowing the company to store their own data in, which can help the company in creating custom fields, building page layouts, creating custom tabs, creating reports and dashboard and sharing custom tabs, apps, objects and other related components.


Q3: How many relationships are there in SFDC?

A:  There a total of four relationships in SFDC.

  • Lookup Relationship
  • Master detail relationship
  • Many to many
  • Hierarchy relationship


Q4: How to create many to many relationship?

A: Unlike master detail and lookup relationship, which are one to many, Many to many relationships can be created using junction object. It is a custom object with two master detail relationships.


Q5: If we undelete the deleted junction object, what will happen?

A: The master detail relationship data types will change to lookup relationship data types.


Q6: How Salesforce track sales?

A: Salesforce records valuable company data on a daily basis, such as daily sales volume, number of customers served, sales manager reports, etc. It also allows the company to keep track of repeated customers, which is incredibly essential for any sales company.


Q7: What is and how it is different from

A: is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that helps the company to create applications for, which is a SaaS.


Q8: How can a user see the limit of

A: User can easily see their data limit by going to administration/users. One can also see their monthly limit and the number of records exported during the month.


Q8: What is a dashboard?

A: Dashboard refers to the graphical representation of the reports, where user can add up to 20 reports in a single dashboard.


Q9: Explain the use of trigger.

A: Trigger refers to a code that is used before and after the record in inserted or updated.


Q10: What are the various types of reports in Saleforce?

A: There are four types of reports in Salesforce, which are Tabular report, Matrix report, Joined report and summary report.



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July 1, 2016

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Amazon web services

To provide an on-demand computing platform, has a subsidiary called Amazon Web Services that provides a list of cloud computing services. AWS is a benchmark in the cloud computing domain and has benefited its users always. To provide robust and consistent services to the users, AWS is spread in 12 diversified locations that can be prompt in minimizing the outage issues.

Amazon webservices

Various websites or client-side applications use the online services of AWS where developers can use the functionality offered by AWS in their applications and it is not exposed directly to the end users. The services offered by AWS are billed depending on the usage, which varies from service to service. It provides high availability storage as well.


Characteristics of AWS


AWS is the latest and most in demand thing in the IT domain as this simple web service interface facilitates to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. While the time of obtaining and booting a new server is just a few minutes, one can get complete control of the computing resources as well. Also, if the customers want to run their own computer applications, AWS allows its customers to rent out computers as well. Since AWS facilitates its users to pay by hour, customers can create, launch and terminate server instances as and when needed and pay accordingly. Also customers have the option of creating server instances on zones insulated from each other. AWS is beneficial in creating back up for the other applications and can be beneficial in reducing the down time. It is greatly used to configure network security and access.


Advantages of AWS


When one has decided to choose cloud computing from AWS, there are lists of advantages that are sure to impress him and can be cherished in the near future. Some of them are as follows:-


  • Reduced costs

The need of capital investment has drastically reduced with the advent of AWS as there is no need of data centre operations. One need to make payments only for the features one wants to use and which can be done anytime and from anywhere. Also, while using AWS one need not have any subscriptions as well. By avoiding such things, it can be convenient to focus on other business projects.


  • Easy to use

AWS provides instant access to the computing power over the internet and is easy to programme. Because of its simple configuration, it can be easily integrated with the existing tools as well and that too without any admin.


  • Easy Webscale Computing

The cost involved with the IT infrastructure drastically reduces with the advent of AWS. The efficiency of ‘aws is good enough to serve its clients continuously at low rates. To provide stable and variable workloads, AWS provides Multi-price models, so that they can optimize costs.


  • Zero investment on IT Infrastructure

There is a great amount of cost involved in setting even the basic infrastructure which can be done away with by using AWS. Setting up and maintaining the hardware is very challenging and important task, if it exists. This can be totally avoided while using AWS.



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June 28, 2016

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JanBask join hands with Salesforce – Learn this innovative technique to grow your business

Janbask Join Hands with Salesforce

June 13, 2016

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How to integrate Salesforce with Netsuite?

Salesforce is the worldwide leader in making revolutionary business applications, served from the cloud and are designed to help generate leads for an organization. Also it is a great aid in getting new customers, closing deals faster and sell, service and market in a smarter way. All this eventually adds up to the growth of an organization.


CRM that stands for “Customer Relationship Management” is the software that stores customer contact information like name, contact number, address, etc. and also keeps track of customer activity like website visits, phone calls, email etc. The features of CRM are as follows:-


  • Customer information is actively tracked and managed
  • Connecting the entire team from any device
  • Capturing the customers emails intelligently
  • Simplifying repetitive tasks that helps in focussing more on leads
  • Delivering instant insights and recommendations
  • Extending and customising as the business grows


NetSuite CRM+ is also a great tool that delivers true customer lifecycle management stating from marketing and opportunity management, order management, customer up sell, cross-sell, renewal and customer service. NetSuite CRM+ provides the following key benefits:-


  • Streamlining lead-to-cash processes
  • Elevating productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of the customers
  • Improving sales performance through forecasting , up sell and commission management
  • Managing global sales and services organizations.


Salesforce and NetSuite, both are very popular CRM solutions, but with difference in their features and use. Salesforce is a very good tool all the tasks related to lead generation and tracking, and on the other hand, NetSuite is great in finance handling. So, by combining both these tools, organizations gain lot of benefit from them. Many organizations use NetSuite for Resource planning, pricing and order control and Salesforce for analysis, lead closing.


How to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite


Integration means that data from Salesforce is transferred to NetSuite and vice versa in an automated way. Synchronization of every Salesforce and NetSuite object is not that essential in this case. The key objective of integration is to transfer data automatically, or by a button, without manual download or upload of data. There can be many ways to integrate the two systems but the most prominent of them are as follows:-


  • Using a custom integration adapter as a custom middleware based integration.
  • Using a third party integration service like Boomi AtomSphere, Actian or Informatica
  • Creating Restlet web service based integration using Netsuite and Salesforce API


Lot of coding is required in developing an adapter and is time consuming as well. Also, the performance is also not as good as the other two systems because of untested and unforeseen processes. This makes the use of the Third Party Service the most convenient and safe approach, but at the same time it also costly and does not have the flexibility as that available in custome integration approaches. Custom Restlet based integration is faster to develop and better in performance but again it is pricier when looking for long term setting than an integration service. Also, COZYROC SSIS+ library for SQL Server Integration (SSIS) is available for Salesforce adapters.



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June 1, 2016

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Adopting Best Practices Successfully

It is very important and common that companies look out for ways that can improve their strategy and operations and help them in gaining competitive advantage. For this, they prefer adopting the best practices that other successful and leading companies have been practicing already. But at times we want our peers to adopt some practices and they are not convinced with it, which can be very frustrating at times.  So in order to make them adopt those practices and be successful in implementing them we share with you how to make it possible.



Influence people


Most of the project teams only focus on project guidelines, time-schedule, budget and simply meeting the client needs, but they don’t care about the ‘best practices’. It might be tough to convince such people but you should give good arguments to support your point and try your best to influence them, rather than complaining.


Use evidence-based arguments


To convince your team members to follow a better requirement process, you need to give evidence to support your proposed method.  E.g., you can consider one of the templates already in use by your team, and show them a reworked template using your own ideas.  Finally, compare results by showing them the difference and it will surely give them a second thought on adopting your suggested practice.


Show them a Compelling Destination


By just backing up your data with good arguments is not enough. You need to describe a compelling destination so that they can your team mates can visualize how it would be beneficial for them if they follow the best practices suggested by you. Show them how short-term goals can be achieved rather than focusing on long term goals, as it would be easier to achieve and your team would get a chance to celebrate early.


So, next time when nobody is interested in listening to you and you want to persuade them to adopt best practices successfully, try following the above mentioned tips and you are sure to convince them.


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May 23, 2016

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How to create an enterprising mindset for greater success?

BosssHaving an enterprising mindset can do wonders for those who wish to become self-employed. If you feel unhappy or unsatisfied while in your employment with another company, then it can be signs that you might be having an enterprise mindset. A person with an enterprising mindset would see opportunities in barriers and possibilities rather than failure. Moreover this kind of mindset has its benefits along with more significance such as helping such individuals in starting up a business on their own to achieve success.


They will have a passion towards creating something that might be of benefit for others. They will work towards transforming their ideas in to reality and would be aware of the benefit of maintaining good relationships. Furthermore individuals with an enterprise mindset would be self-motivated, resourceful and would have a desire to make others too to have a good experience.


All the above mentioned characteristics point towards the person having an enterprise mindset. But along with that, they should also take the risk associated with creating a unique idea about a business, growing their business and thus taking their business to the next level. Even though many of them have an enterprising mindset, not many of them prefer to become self-employed or an entrepreneur and would consider it at a later stage as they believe that it is desirable to gain some industry experience so as to understand how to value themselves and support others.


People can learn to have an enterprising mindset whereas some might have such skills within them from beginning itself. A combination of certain skills is required to consider an individual to be having an enterprising mindset. It is better to encourage such skills if you see in anyone as it may help them to identify their own qualities and will make them more entrepreneurial in the way they work. It is desirable for you to encourage your employees by identifying their enterprising skills and thus you can have a more efficient workforce.


Skills required for being an Entrepreneur

  • Good levels of Intellect
  • Greater Determination
  • Passion towards creating or achieving something
  • Ability to make precise calculations
  • Ability to take risks
  • Good communication skills
  • Good decision-making ability
  • Ability to easily connect with the audience


Looking to set up your own business? All you need to have a business mind set in combination of any of the IT skills you are willing to learn. Contact to help you. They are leaders in market with various IT training programs like Salesforce Training, Java Training, QA Training, .net training and many more.

May 9, 2016

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8 Essential Factors for a QA Project Success

Several reasons contribute to the failure of project success in terms of expectation as well as timeline. With the introduction of mobile applications and growing influence of the web, clients are in search for quick results. The same is applicable for QA project success also. Let’s take a closer look in to some of the most essential factors that can determine the success of a QA project.



Planning is the most important factor and it is more about understanding and identifying the objects and thereby defining a clear strategy or approach. Most of the planning is usually done at a higher level and the planning process would be then implemented at every level. The client requirements are understood properly along with identifying the purpose of the product. In addition to it, the strength and weaknesses of the team along with the availability of tools should be also considered. Other essentials that is required for planning includes requirements, constraints, approach and obstacles.



Communication has to be transparent as it can be a key factor that could define the QA project success. Good communication has to be established during client communication, communication with a third-party, communication with the management and internal team communication. Delays in proper communication and the inability to convey the concerns in the right manner are some of the challenges for a QA team and good communication skills could help them get good results.



Nothing can work in favour of the company if the team does not have the required skills no matter what tools are available and how better you plan. Furthermore having a single skill is not enough nowadays and QA testers will have to adapt to the changing trends in the industry by modifying their skill set.



The project timeline could be made achievable with the help of specific tools. There is a greater need to select the right tool as per the requirements to get the best out of testing. The specific tools should be accompanied by improved scripting knowledge, bug tracking, reporting tools and project management tools etc. The relevance of specific tools has increased with the rising demand of automation tools.



A QA project can never succeed if the processes are not followed in a proper way. Starting, setting as well as following specific processes can play a vital role in the successful completion of a project. There should be clear guidelines in measuring as well as planning the efforts no matter whether the company is following an agile or waterfall method.



Project management is among the most challenging jobs in a QA team. A project manager is also responsible in coordinating effectively with the team and the client at the same time. The management skills could be enhanced only with time, experience and constant efforts.


Team Work

Team work is more important while working on a QA project and individual efforts alone cannot determine the success of a project. Each and every team member is responsible in the success or failure of a project even though it is the management which has to offer a healthy environment and a good attitude towards the team members while working on a QA project.


Give something more to Clients

Most of the clients would expect something in extra for what they invest and what you are likely to do for them. It can be offering them assistance during non-working hours or added maintenance in preventing defects if any.


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May 3, 2016

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Is QA Software Testing Certification worth the investment for you?

Software testingIt is one common question that is popular among the testing professionals in the software sector. Both new comers and experienced software QA professionals are both excited at the same time confused about whether having a  QA testing certification is likely going to make any difference for their career or not. For those who have joined in companies afresh as a QA tester and for those who desire to kick start their career in software testing, this article will be of immense help. And also for experienced professionals who are still undecided about whether to get certified or not.



Importance of Certification


In today’s world where economy is growing, the need for certification has become a necessity rather than a choice so as to reach skilled employee base. Furthermore it helps you gain some practical knowledge about what is actually required in the work place rather than merely restricting to theoretical knowledge. Certification plays a vital role in bridging the educational gaps if any. It also helps them stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices.


Advantages of QA Testing Certification


Beginners in QA


  • It offers you the opportunity to stand out from the rest as it gives a distinct advantage for the candidate during a job interview where other candidates may or may not have been certified.
  • It helps your resume to easily get shortlisted because of the enhanced software testing skills you have acquired through QA Testing Certification. It gives a sense of confidence for the employer during the initial screening process of short listing resumes much before the interview actually happens. More and more companies are now considering certification as an important selection criterion as it makes the employers feel that the candidate has the basic understanding of testing concepts as well as the knowledge of standard testing terminology.


Experienced in QA


  • It helps you get growth in the same firm where you are working since having a certification will give you an edge over others when it comes to understanding of deep testing knowledge and testing practices.
  • Having a certification will also make you eligible to look for enhanced job opportunities in other companies. Most often even if you are experienced testing professional with several years of industry experience, you might have a specialization in only one aspect of software testing such as Functional Testing and would be unaware of other testing methods. But by having a certification, you need not have to worry about such aspects as you will be updated about the technology and other standard testing definitions.


Drawbacks of QA Testing Certification


  • It cannot be considered as an assurance towards getting a job and it is not necessary that those having a certification are aware about all the needful information about software testing.
  • Many of the companies do not take certifications in to consideration if they feel the candidate have the desired skills and hands-on experience working as a QA Software Tester.


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April 4, 2016

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How to install social posts on Salesforce?

SocialSocial post is considered as a Salesforce Object that signifies a post on popular social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. ‘Customize Application’ is among the user permissions that are required for the installation as well as deployment of Social Studio for Salesforce. The social posts tab is nothing but a collection of information regarding a post from an individual or a company on popular social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. However the information that is available might differ depending up on the social network. Users can view as well as manage social media posts. It has to be taken note that by enabling a Status pick-list value on the social post detail page would not stay with the post for inbound posts since the specific field has been tailored only for the outbound posts.


Steps to install and implement Social Studio for Salesforce


  • Click the option denoted as Social Posts tab.
  • Choose a View optionally.
  • The list would display the recently viewed as default. Users can either select a view or can create a new one for filtering the list of posts.
  • Choose Social Posts without case to view especially if the organization features a moderation that is enabled. Or else they could either create a case for or can ignore the posts.
  • If the user wants to fit their requirements, then they could create a new case on their own.
  • Select the social post name which users would like to manage or otherwise they could choose the option denoted as ‘New Social Post’ for creating a post.
  • Once a view has been selected, users could either click ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ as is appropriate.
  • For managing posts without cases, users could choose the posts they would like to either create a case for or ignore prior to selecting the option denoted as ‘Create Case’ or ‘Ignore’ as appropriate.
  • Once the approvals have been enabled, the Social Posts Tabs would feature a Social Posts pending approval list view using which users could review the presence of multiple pending posts and thereby either approve or reject them as desired.
  • However users have to understand about two important factors. Users are able to create, edit or delete only the posts of the Salesforce organization and not social networks on the Social Post tab. Similarly users will also have to take note of the fact that once the approvals are enabled, the Approve posts as well as Reject Posts will only remain on the Social Posts tab. However it will not work for inbound and posts that are not in need of approval.


Social Detail Page will help users in the following ways:


  • The content and information in a post can be viewed, edited as well as created.
  • Users will have to ensure they click the ‘Save’ button while saving the changes or creating a new post.
  • Users will be able to create a case for the post or could ignore it whenever the organization has moderation enabled.
  • The posts could be deleted in the user’s Salesforce organization.
  • Users would be able to reply to a social post from the case of lead feeds only and they cannot reply to a social post from the Social Posts tab.


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