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Amazon web services

To provide an on-demand computing platform, has a subsidiary called Amazon Web Services that provides a list of cloud computing services. AWS is a benchmark in the cloud computing domain and has benefited its users always. To provide robust and consistent services to the users, AWS is spread in 12 diversified locations that can be prompt in minimizing the outage issues.

Amazon webservices

Various websites or client-side applications use the online services of AWS where developers can use the functionality offered by AWS in their applications and it is not exposed directly to the end users. The services offered by AWS are billed depending on the usage, which varies from service to service. It provides high availability storage as well.


Characteristics of AWS


AWS is the latest and most in demand thing in the IT domain as this simple web service interface facilitates to obtain and configure capacity with minimal friction. While the time of obtaining and booting a new server is just a few minutes, one can get complete control of the computing resources as well. Also, if the customers want to run their own computer applications, AWS allows its customers to rent out computers as well. Since AWS facilitates its users to pay by hour, customers can create, launch and terminate server instances as and when needed and pay accordingly. Also customers have the option of creating server instances on zones insulated from each other. AWS is beneficial in creating back up for the other applications and can be beneficial in reducing the down time. It is greatly used to configure network security and access.


Advantages of AWS


When one has decided to choose cloud computing from AWS, there are lists of advantages that are sure to impress him and can be cherished in the near future. Some of them are as follows:-


  • Reduced costs

The need of capital investment has drastically reduced with the advent of AWS as there is no need of data centre operations. One need to make payments only for the features one wants to use and which can be done anytime and from anywhere. Also, while using AWS one need not have any subscriptions as well. By avoiding such things, it can be convenient to focus on other business projects.


  • Easy to use

AWS provides instant access to the computing power over the internet and is easy to programme. Because of its simple configuration, it can be easily integrated with the existing tools as well and that too without any admin.


  • Easy Webscale Computing

The cost involved with the IT infrastructure drastically reduces with the advent of AWS. The efficiency of ‘aws is good enough to serve its clients continuously at low rates. To provide stable and variable workloads, AWS provides Multi-price models, so that they can optimize costs.


  • Zero investment on IT Infrastructure

There is a great amount of cost involved in setting even the basic infrastructure which can be done away with by using AWS. Setting up and maintaining the hardware is very challenging and important task, if it exists. This can be totally avoided while using AWS.



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