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10 most common Salesforce interview questions with their effective answers

salesforceSalesforce is one of the most widely appreciated and commendable customer relationship management system out there and anyone possessing immense knowledge about this remarkable platform have a great scope of working in a reputed firm. However, just acquiring knowledge isn’t enough if you wish to land yourself a desiring job. It requires you to clear Salesforce interview taken by professionals who themselves possess huge experience and knowledge about the system. Being an extremely important aspect of increasing sales, Salesforce interviews are quite hard to clear. But with the right information and above the line confidence, one can easily pass out a high scale Salesforce interview.


Below are provided some of the most commonly asked Salesforce interview questions with their answers to help you get through. Make sure to revise it before entering the interview hall.


Q1:  What is Salesforce?

A: Salesforce is a leading Customer Relationship Management delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


Q2: What is a Custom Objects:

A: Custom objects are database tables allowing the company to store their own data in, which can help the company in creating custom fields, building page layouts, creating custom tabs, creating reports and dashboard and sharing custom tabs, apps, objects and other related components.


Q3: How many relationships are there in SFDC?

A:  There a total of four relationships in SFDC.

  • Lookup Relationship
  • Master detail relationship
  • Many to many
  • Hierarchy relationship


Q4: How to create many to many relationship?

A: Unlike master detail and lookup relationship, which are one to many, Many to many relationships can be created using junction object. It is a custom object with two master detail relationships.


Q5: If we undelete the deleted junction object, what will happen?

A: The master detail relationship data types will change to lookup relationship data types.


Q6: How Salesforce track sales?

A: Salesforce records valuable company data on a daily basis, such as daily sales volume, number of customers served, sales manager reports, etc. It also allows the company to keep track of repeated customers, which is incredibly essential for any sales company.


Q7: What is and how it is different from

A: is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that helps the company to create applications for, which is a SaaS.


Q8: How can a user see the limit of

A: User can easily see their data limit by going to administration/users. One can also see their monthly limit and the number of records exported during the month.


Q8: What is a dashboard?

A: Dashboard refers to the graphical representation of the reports, where user can add up to 20 reports in a single dashboard.


Q9: Explain the use of trigger.

A: Trigger refers to a code that is used before and after the record in inserted or updated.


Q10: What are the various types of reports in Saleforce?

A: There are four types of reports in Salesforce, which are Tabular report, Matrix report, Joined report and summary report.



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